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Friday, July 31, 2009

End of July Message

Finally, July is over, and we will be welcoming the month of August.

A lot of things had happened during this month, some good, some are bad. And, as for profits, I made an approximate earning of $5. Yup, that's all I've got, but these are mostly earned from signup offers alone. I still have my Google Adsense July earnings, and some balances on a few PTC and PTR sites. To sum up all including those not yet received, I currently have a net profit of $20, despite starting without a capital ($0.00). This is not bad. And, as soon as I receive my other payments, I will be able to start investing. I can only hope that it would boost my earning potential on the net, and not the other way around.

TurquAds Refback from PTCOnur

Today, I receive another one of my weekly refback commission from my upline ptconur. This is just one of the many proofs that proves that my upline is a trustworthy person.

I am his referral in the PTC site, TurquAds.

TwoDollarPTC.com - A Trap Site

Url: www.twodollarptc.com

twodollarptcTwoDollarPTC is a scam site designed to trick Internet business-seeking newbies into believing that the site is the answer to their financial needs, but in reality, it could only make things worst.

The site has some of the nastiest offers you can find in the net, with offers like PTC and PTR ads worth $2 to $10, PTS ads worth $25, and 100% downline earnings. They also put in a disclaimer notice telling everybody that the PTC site does not require purchases, become upgrade or recruit anyone in order to earn. They also wrote that they are not a get-rich-quick, MLM, matrix or pyramid scheme. And when you read their terms, this is what you'll get..

The cash earned in your accounts is not actual money. Payouts are based on the income of the site. The more income the site gets, the higher the payout conversion is. The actual amount you make is figured once all income is added and the number of payout requests are counted. Every month, the amount you make per request is different. Recent conversions have been less than 50 cents per $10000 request. Payouts take up to 45 days. You can request as many times as you would like in any payout period.

The site did warn you to read the terms before joining, but it's kind of strange for them to put up gibberish offers when they could have written their terms on the front page instead. This act shows that the site was meant to deceive. It's a trap set to particularly catch unsuspecting business opportunists.

What is a Downline?

DownlineWhat is a downline? Downline is an individual who was successfully referred by a referrer to join a Multi-Level Marketing business or company. Downline is also synonymous to the word referral.

Downlines are always under an upline. They are the ones who usually needs to be guided, taught, and trained. For the most part, it is the upline's responsibility to nurture the downlines so they could all function better as a team.

In network marketing, downlines are usually the ones acting as distributors.

In some network marketing businesses, a downline may become an upline by simply referring another person. However, in other network marketing businesses, there is a quota for members to reach before they could elevate their position, and allowed to find their own referrals. Once downlines become uplines themselves, they will have their own network market to manage.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 30th Earning

This is a compilation of my earnings for July 30th, 2009.

Payment received from: space143
Forum: EMS
Deal: Every 20 clicks at PTCerberus

Forum thread:

Payment received from: ptconur
Forum: PTCTalk
Deal: Referral signup at PegasusHits, surf 60 pages, add new site, and allocate credits.

Forum thread:

Payment received from: saketasati
Forum: EMS
Deal: Referral signup at BootScootinTraffic, surf 200 pages, add site, and allocate credits

Forum thread:

Total Earnings: 54 cents

A-N-Cash.com - Great Design Bad Site

Url: www.a-n-cash.com

A-N-Cash is one of the scam sites created to lure people into joining and turn them into virtual slaves. And, although the site looks cool, we advise you not to trust the looks as looks can be deceiving.

The site displays a message with the words "What are you waiting for? Join us. 16,239 (number changes) members can't be wrong". Sure, 16,000+ can all be wrong, and you can add up to that number if you're not careful.

The site offers some pretty cool offers like all emails worth $200, $2000 signup bonus, $200 per direct referral bonus, and 6 Ref levels of commission. Apparently, you'll get rich if you join this site, but don't get your hopes too high coz this site is gonna suck you.

To spot the lies, check their advertising packages. One of the advertising offers is $500 solo paid email to US/CA/UK/AU (40 second timer) for a measly price of $1.00. As you can see, the business they are running is highly unstable, and it looks like it was intended to operate this way. Don't trust this one.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bux.to - The biggest scam of all!

Url: www.bux.to

bux.to scamBux.to is a PTC site that started somewhere in June 2007. It started as a good site, and has been paying most of the time. On its early stages in the business, it was met with a series of problems. The site made it through, and has manage to keep its road straight. This eventually led most people to believe that bux.to is the ideal PTC business, and is 100% legit and safe. This belief led many people to invest on the site, upgrading and purchasing as much referrals as they could to optimize their earning potential. Many payment proofs were shown, a convincing factor that led more members to join. The site has grown to be one of the biggest until it trounces all of its competitors. The site has grown in number of members, unfortunately, this has also burdened the site, enough to slow down their payment processes. This was followed by Paypal suspending their account. The site responded by opting to change their payment processor to Alertpay.

The site continued to convince many more to join, and despite the claims of delayed payouts, more and more people continued to pour in. Later, bux.to has release their bux.to mastercard as a payment option for Alertpay. They promise that payments will be faster through this method. Soon, bux.to changed their TOS. From 30 business days of payment processing, they change it to 60 days for standard members, and 30 days for premium members. This hasn't solve the problem however. Bux.to continue to break their own TOS by exceeding the promised payout dates, this has extended even to premiums and bux.to cardholders. Bux.to attempted to clear out doubts by making excuses such as they lack staff members, they were doing manual extensive auditing, etc. Eventually, in their ultimate attempt to reduce the number of pending payouts, they increase the minimum payout of standard members from $10 to $50, but remained $10 for premiums. An obvious plan to attract members into upgrading. They also cancelled all pending payouts that were below $50.

Many believe that Bux.to was turning into a ponzi scheme, in which, it pays its members by random, and only when they have the money to do so. The money they use to pay other members came from those who upgrade and those who had bought referrals.

During its operation, Bux.to had made dozens of ridiculous mistakes, including blackmailing of their members. One blackmail attempt was when they promoted a particular site, where they promise to prioritize payments of those who join.

The site had also entered a conflict with PTC Guardian. PTC Guardian complained about a bug in bux.to's system that turned their bux-account balance into a negative after converting a fraction of it into ads. Bux.to staff shouted that it was impossible and that PTC Guardian was lying. However, when PTC Guardian offered to give their account username and password for other members to peek, only then that Bux.to took the matter seriously.

Finally, Bux.to was reported to the Interpol by a staff of MyPTCSite.com for obvious reasons of scam. It was found in the investigation that at one point, bux.to has registered a "mail-box-company" in the West Indies to transfer their money there. Later on, the money was moved around and spread out in bank accounts and payment processors. It was also found out that the names Debbie and George who has appeared as the people behind bux.to are fake and the real identity of the people behind bux.to will be announce when the case is brought to court.

Alwayspay.com - Do they always pay?

Url: www.alwayspay.com

Alwayspay.com is the sister site of ahacash.com and a few other scam sites. It also operates as an unsustainable PTC/PTR advertising business. Its design is identical to its sister sites, with only a few color changes. The offers, however, did not change; with 5, 20 and 50 cent mails, having all PTC ads worth 5 cent, a 5 cents Referral Bonus, and a $5 Sign-up Bonus; all pointing the site downward.

We suggest everybody not to spend your time on this site. Alwayspay do not pay at all!

Aha! Scam!

Url: www.ahacash.com

Ahacash.com is another one of those unsustainable business scams that are still active on the net today (maybe not tomorrow). The design of the site looks as if it was made by a noob, and resembles that of an old DOS operating system. To add insult to the injury, the site revealed its true colors by offering 5, 20, and 50 cent per read mail, which of course, we know is impossible. The advertising package is cheap just as what you'll always expect from a site operating as scam.

So, just when you thought you found the right place to earn for a living, you better find a real job or invest somewhere else. Aha scam is not the place to make money online, as the only money you'll earn here is play money.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday Earning Summary

Today, I got another few cents. It's nothing much, but at least, I earned something.

The screen shot above is from dreamhaxxor, and it is my refback commission for being a referral at Scarlet-Clicks. Sadly, this will be my last commission from him. He told me that he got tired of the site. It seems that he will be abandoning his account there.

The screen shot above is from vivekv91. This is my refback commission for being his referral at PTCBux.

The final screen shot above is from snowman. He paid me to vote for him at BuxTalk forum.

That sums up all my earnings for the day.

Get Paid to take Surveys

Get Paid to take Survey(s) is a business method or strategy that allows companies to gather important information about consumer preferences. This method helps companies improve their products or boost their market's potential.

In a Paid to take survey system, companies look for consumers who are eligible for the kind of survey they will be conducting. These survey takers are then given incentives as reward for their participation, and for taking the surveys.

Get Paid to take survey is also known as paid or incentivized survey. In a paid survey, companies usually try to collect quantitative information about the participants' personal and economic habits that are set against their particular demographic.

Incentivized surveys are considered to be more likely to catch a wider and more representative range of respondents compared to unincentivized surveys.

Legitimate surveys are usually unpaid (as with Gallup Poll) or incentivized (as with YouGov). Surveys that require respondents to pay or purchase products to join a panel are usually scams, as are sites that disappear before paying the participants. Also note that legitimate surveys do not need credit card information from respondents.

GPT take surveys is one of the best methods that benefit companies and consumers alike. By offering a cash incentive to respondents in return for feedback, companies are able to quickly fill quotas and collect the information being sought by the client. Consumers on the other hand, get the opportunity to earn while at the comforts of their home.

Monday, July 27, 2009

BuxNew - Members unable to Cashout

Url: www.buxnew.com

BuxNewBuxNew is one of the latest PTC sites to come out this year. The site was said to be using a GeN2 script, a bux site script that was said to have bugs in it. The site started as a paying site and it continued to pay smoothly until one day, Buxnew's admin announced that the site was hacked. They also informed members who invested on the site to contact support to get their money back. This was followed by a series of complaints by members who were unable to receive their payments, some others got their accounts deleted without reason. The problem escalated further, and soon the cashout feature was also purposely disabled to stop members from cashing out with their money. It was found out that BuxNew's admin was the former admin of the downed scam site known as NovoBux.

My Monday Earnings

It's Monday! And I got my refback commissions from my three uplines. Being a downline isn't so bad..

First refback commission from skyper8..

Our agreement was $0.10 + 50% refback on BeachBux. Total earning: $0.17

Second refback commission is from space143..

Our agreement was 0.05 SGD every 20 clicks on PTCerberus.

Third refback commission is from ptconur..

Our agreement was 100% refback on BuxMarketing.

Total Earnings for the day is $0.3. It's like clicking 30 ads in 1 day on a $0.01 per click PTC site. What's better is that I now have it on my Paypal.

BpBux is Under Construction

Url: www.bpbux.com

BpBuxThe PTC site BpBux had came out with some innovations, and during their beta period (testing phase), it convinced some people to believe that this is one of the best things to come into the PTC industry. However, it seems that BpBux weren't still contented and decided to tweak the site even further. And right now, they are reconstructing the site to better prepare for their coming launch. Also note that all member earnings during their beta period may be lost, that is since it belonged to a dummy account balance.

The message that you could see on their site right now is:

Please note that we are currently improving major parts of the site. We wants to ensure the best and smoothest service for our members. We are sorry for the recent downtime.

We could only wonder what the new BpBux would look like, let's hope it's going for the better.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

ValueBux is for sale

ValueBux had been categorized as one of the risky PTC sites to come out into the open. It was found out that it belonged under Michael Pratt's GPTNetworks, the same organization that had been known to scam people through various PTC sites. At first, ValueBux was a paying site, and although its legitimacy was questioned, many members of the site defended it through testimonies and payment proofs.

Later, ValueBux admin announces that Paypal had froze their account, and because of this, they implemented other payout options. However, even this did not help to resolve the problem. Payouts had slowed to a crawl and the number of pending payouts had started to increase, it was followed by the total disappearance of cashout options. This led members to believe that ValueBux was running out of money.

And finally, unable to carry the burden any longer, the site owner decided to sell the site. It was auctioned at flippa.com.

Click on picture to enlarge

The final bidding price of the site resided at $25,000. The owner claims that the site was making a profit of $30,000 a month. Interested buyers had questioned him over and again, like where do his traffic come from? Where is the proof of income? How does he protect the site from click frauds? etc. etc. But, the most intriguing question found was "Why would he sell a site earning $30,000 a month for only $25,000?" ValueBux owner's reply was, "I just don't have the time to keep up with the site."


Url: http://www.hkbuzz.com

Site Details

Member Offers
· Earn $0.01 HKD ($0.02 for Premier) per click.
· Earn 10% (60% for Premier) for every ad your referrals click.
· Earn $0.01 HKD for every person become your referral.
· Earn at least $0.10 HKD per PTSU offer!
· Earn at least $1.00 HKD per each Advertiser you referred!
· Access detailed statistics of your clicks, earnings and even of your referral's clicks and activities.
· $1 HKD Daily Cashout via Paypal! (applies to first payout only)
Register Today And Get Your $0.07 Sign Up Bonus!

Advertiser Offers
· Choose your click pack depending on your Budget and your Needs.
· 30 standard timer for your ad must be viewed.
· View detailed statistics during and after your ad display.
· Enhanced anti-cheat protection.
· Multi-text advertising.
· Each registered user's click and viewing will only be accounted once in 24 hours.
Try out HKBuzz advertising services!


HKBuzz is one of the newest PTC (Paid to Click)/PTSU (Paid to Sign Up) to come out into the GPT (Get Paid to) industry. The site's primary purpose is PTC/PTSU advertising, in which it acts like a middleman between consumers and advertisers. In this system of advertising, HKBuzz encourages consumers to join, these consumers then view and sign up on ads for commission, delivering traffic to advertisers' sites in the process.

HKBuzz.com offers to pay their members 0.01 HKD (Hong Kong Dollars) for clicking on a PTC ad, and a minimum of 0.10 HKD for signing up on a PTSU ad. PTC ads are clickable once only every 24 hrs. As for the PTSU system, you are required to complete the sign up and abide with the instructions in order to be credited. You are not allowed to sign up on the same ad more than once, doing so will result to a penalty, in which you will be charged with a fee.

HKBuzz offers one of the most easy to reach cashout amount, with a minimum of only 1 HKD. You can usually reach it within 2-3 weeks of clicking, depending on the number of available ads per day. Premiere members may reach it even faster since they are offered more ads exclusively served to Premiere members only. The cashout process is also fast. Payouts could be receive within 1-7 days. The minimum 1 Hong Kong Dollar cashout limit will increase to 2 HKD after receiving your first payment.

Memorexboy's Gift

It has passed midnight here in my time zone, but before I go to sleep, I just wanna share this payment proof to those who wanna earn money online. Here's my screenshot:

How did I got this? I didn't got this from the GPT sites that I joined. I receive this from Memorexboy of the PTCTalk Forum. He is actually a Moderator in there, and he paid me for just greeting him a Happy B-day. Now how hard is that?

I just would like to point out that if you wanna earn money online, start by socializing with people. Sometimes, you guys want to go solo on your quest for money, but that's not the right way to making fast money.

Now, for starters, how about asking me to become your friend and be kind enough to be my referral? You got nothing to lose and you will benefit from my knowledge and experience.

Join Me in PTCTalk

Saturday, July 25, 2009

HKBuzz.com is paying!


HKBuzz, a PTC Site that pays in HKD (Hong Kong Dollars) is paying, and I can personally testify with the help of a payment proof, which is of course just right below:

This site has around 4095 members as of today, and it continues to grow at a rapid rate of 100+ new signups a day. The minimum cashout amount can easily be reach within a couple of weeks, and it will not take you a month. The payout processing will take no longer than a week, but as for me, I receive it within the day.

So, what are you guys waiting for? Sign up Now!

Sign Up for an Account

666mails.com - The Devil has joined PTR

Url: www.666mails.com

666 is the mark of the devil, and somehow, some admin is crazy enough to use it as a domain name for his/her PTR site. The site has a weird creepy design, and as its name implies, the site is downright demonic as it can infect your computer with malicious programs if you're not careful.

This site has some tempting offers like $66 for a signup, all paid E-mails are worth $6, and banner PTCs worth $3. But of course, the devil has always been known as a liar, and if you're stupid enough to take these offers, then you're in for some nasty surprises.

The site looks as if it has been dead for quiet some time, with only a few affiliates, and almost zero advertisers. Stay away from this site if you don't want your computer to get possessed by some evil spirit.

PalmBux clicked their own ads!

The PTC site PalmBux has risen after a few days server downtime. During its downtime, members started to complain that they were having some income loses on rented referrals and on upgrade earnings, that is since the site has a no-click, no referral credit policy. PalmBux has now compensated this problem by providing members with bonus clicks, meaning, members will still be receiving their daily click earnings eventhough they weren't able to access the site. To PalmBux, this is a prudent move to keep members' loyalty, however, by clicking their own ads, there could be problems which may arise from the advertisers' side. Hopefully, PalmBux would be able to resolve the problems of both parties, but in doing so, they could be the one taking the burden as the bonus clicks will be charged on them.

10-cash.com - Is it Scam?

Url: www.10-cash.com

10-cash.com, is it scam? If you apply mathematics on this site, you would know the answer. The main reason why you would brand this as scam is because of the ridiculously high offers, which in turn makes this site highly unstable. If they are running an unstable business, obviously, they can't pay you. The advertising packages they sell are also not enough to cover up their expenses, which only points out that the site don't really have the commitment to pay.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Bonus

Every Friday, I receive referral back commissions from my upline ptconur. I am earning him a few cents for my clicks in TurquAds, and he shares a percentage of what he earns. Since today is Friday, he sends me my bonus:

Click picture to enlarge

PTCOnur is a trustworthy individual back in PTCTalk.

400dollarsdaily.info - Bad English and an Unstable Program

Url: www.400dollarsdaily.info

This PTR site claims that they are a stable program, with a mission to provide their members the opportunity to achieve financial freedom. Perhaps, however, before saying something audacious, they should have practiced their English first as it needs a serious workout.

Like most scam sites, this site boasts high income salary just for reading mails. And would you believe, they offer $10 for every mail? Unlike some other scam sites, however, they offer no-minimum payout.

The site requires you to pay a membership fee before you could join their program, and that's where their trap has been set. As soon as you pay them, you can participate in their virtual slavery program, where you click ads for them, then you can kiss your minimum payout goodbye.

400dollarsdaily is a "pay them, work for them, and goodbye" program. You don't deserve to suffer in this kind of GPT program.

10x25eg.envy.nu: It's Broken

Url: www.10x25eg.envy.nu

This scam site is listed on most Work at Home Scam Lists. The site is broken and it looks as if it was abandoned by its administrator, however, some of its scripts are still functioning, most especially the part that allows you to withdraw from E-Gold directly.

People thrown into this site aren't foolish to participate, but still, we find it necessary to include this site into our scam list.

UltimateClix sold for the second time

Url: www.ultimateclix.com

Last month, the PTC site Ultimate-Clix, originally owned by an owner known as YoungOne was reported to had been sold to a new owner. Following the events thereafter, it was said that the PTC site under the supervision of the new owner had began having some member payment issues. And, on July 14th, UltimateClix was sold again. The site is currently on auction at flippa.com.

Click on picture to enlarge

On its 10 day auction run, the site had reached the price of $2,500. And despite its previous bad records, it is surprising that many buyers would still want this site.

QualityBux bans some of its members due to Country Restrictions

Url: www.qualitybux.com

QualityBuxQualityBux, a prelaunching bux site has now began banning some members' accounts even before their launch on August 7. Some members were banned for cheating, while some were banned due to IP problems, surprisingly however, they also ban members due to geographical location reasons.

Click on picture to enlarge

QualityBux reserves the right to ban or exclude countries from their services, but the site has failed to provide this information on their main page or during the sign up process, nor was it stated on their TOS (Terms of Service). This misled users belonging to the restricted countries to join and participate in the PTC site's business, only to find out later that they were forbidden to join.

7thHeavenPTR.net: Not your typical Haven

Url: www.7thheavenptr.net

This site comes with the saying "You will be with us in 7th heaven". With offers that are indeed reaching sky high, you may end up falling from the sky. The ladder (opportunity) they provide you is unsustainable, and it reflects the kind of business you are in.

Do not trust this site and do not hope that they would pay you. Check their advertising package prices and compare it with their offers. You'll see the big difference. This is not the 7th Heaven, this is a scam site.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What is an Upline?

Going back with the basics, today, we discuss the definition of Upline.

In the world of business, specifically Network Marketing, the definition of Upline is a distributor who works independently and is above a representative's genealogy, including his or her sponsor.

In simple understanding, Upline refers to a person who referred, sponsored, invited or directed another person to join a network marketing business or company. In short, he/she is non other than the referrer himself/herself. Usually, in a Network Marketing business, Uplines get bonus commissions based on their referrals' (the person/people they referred) earnings. These bonus commissions, however, are provided by the company itself, thus, no referral earning is hindered.

Uplines usually find their job more in recruiting and directing, though they can also work as independent distributors. However, for them to achieve optimum salary, it is essential for them to build and sustain a network.

In Network Marketing, a referred person may also become an upline if he/she succeeds to refer another individual.

Paid in SGD

Today I earned another 0.03 USD (US Dollars) by converting a 0.05 SGD (Singaporean Dollars) sent to me by my upline in PTCerberus. Here's the proof:

Our agreement was 0.05 for every 20 clicks.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

QualityBux bonus from my upline

Today, I raked another $0.54 from my trusted upline ptconur. Here's my payment proof:

I have been his downline on the new PTC site QualityBux.

You can find this guy at EMS Forum, he's currently running an offer there. You may to register to contact him, sign up here.

PalmBux is down!

The PTC site, PalmBux.com, has been down for quiet some time already, and the members of the site were beginning to wonder what happened to the promising money-earner site. It was noted that in the past few days, the site was suffering from slow page loads and some downtimes. Some people assumed the worst, and say that the site was being DDOS or under attack by some malicious hackers, some say that the site has turned scam. However, according to some trusted sources, Palmbux is currently in the process of switching into an upgraded server.

HKBuzz.com's Webhost Account Suspended!

Just yesterday, we output the news regarding HKBuzz's success story with regards to their being in the Alexa Top 100,000 chart. The site was so excited that they keep on sending repetitive success news emails to their members. And today, they got their account suspended from their webhost.

Could there have been a spam email complaint against the site that resulted to their suspension? Were they able to pay their webhosting bills? Did the sudden upsurge of traffic made them run out of bandwidth? Did they encounter server problems? Did they turn scam? Or was their site hacked? Of course, these are the questions that run to the members' minds right now. But, according to some sources, the site was merely transferring to a more powerful host, and until they complete their transfer, the site will continue to show the Account Suspended page.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

HKBuzz.com: Now on Alexa Rank Top 100,000

The PTC site HKBuzz.com, one of the newest PTC sites to come up is now on Alexa's Top 100,000 chart. Most of the traffic came from India with a percentage of 24.8%, followed by Indonesia with 23.5%, and China with 17.9%. Clickstream data reveals that most of the hits came from Neobux, a PTC advertising site which also happens to be one of the leading sites in the industry.

Monday, July 20, 2009

PTCBoycott caught promoting a Scam

Url: www.ptcboycott.com

PTCBoycottPTCBoycott.com is a site that boycotts bad PTC sites, too bad it didn't boycotted itself for promoting scam sites. As you can see, this site recommends StormofCash.com and 1DollarPTC.com, one is on the GPTBoycott Watchlist, and the other is a certified scam site.

The owner of this site has been identified as Jeffrey Johnson, the very same Jeffrey Johnson who owns jeffrey-johnson-top-ptc-sites.com, StormofCash, and most probably 1DollarPTC.

The forum of this site links to another site PTCHangout.com, which you would mistake for a real PTC hangout. However, once you checked the threads, you may succumbed to laughter as it mostly contains spam posts about Viagra and other non-related stuff.

Do not rely on this site for information, if you don't want to get misinformed.

What I earned today

Once again, I have received my bonus from Ugo Campisani, who runs an offer at PTCTalk, and earned an additional 2 cents from harisjmi for signing up as his referral at BuxTalk.

PTCTalk is a good site to gather information regarding the PTC business, while BuxTalk is a new forum that could provide you information regarding Bux Sites.

BuxTalk currently offers to pay its members base on their number of posts.

Join PTCTalk
Join BuxTalk

Please keep me as your referrer. After all, I brought you guys into these forums.

Facebook breaks Privacy Laws in Canada

Facebook, one of the largest social networking sites, has been reported to have broken privacy laws in Canada. It was said that facebook could be hauled into court amid concerns that there are "serious gaps" in their policies protecting members' privacy.

The Canadian privacy commissioner, Jennifer Stoddart, has investigated the site and warned it could be breaking the law.

It has published a report which suggests that users do not understand how to delete private information and their details could fall into the wrong hands. This was noted after they found out that Facebook was keeping information of users even after they have closed their accounts.

It is also reported that if the social networking site does not address the privacy concerns within 30 days, it could face legal action.

The investigating team found some "serious privacy gaps" when they looked into the popular site's practices.

The commissioner was most concerned by the difficulty users have in deleting their accounts, rather than just deactivating them.

Applications or "Apps", such as games and quizzes, may also leave accounts open to abuse since Facebook did not introduce proper initiatives for protecting users' personal information from the developers.

Not enough is done to stop the site's 950,000 third-party developers accessing personal information, the report said.

"we urge Facebook to implement all of our recommendations to further enhance their site, ensure they are in compliance with privacy law, and ultimately show themselves as models of privacy", Assistant Commissioner Elizabeth Denham said.

The findings are an important contribution to the relatively new debate over how social networking sites should protect personal data.

In June, Facebook unveiled new privacy controls to enable members to be more specific about which friends or strangers can access their information. But, the Canadian body still believes that some areas remain confusing or incomplete.

More than 250 million people, including 12 million Canadians, have Facebook profiles worldwide.

Members have also used the site itself to voice their privacy issues.

More than 70,000 people signed up to a group called "Facebook: Stop Invading My Privacy", while nearly a million joined a group complaining third-party apps sought friends' details.

Facebook has said it will work with the commissioner in order to raise awareness about its security and privacy controls.

Paid to Post

SecretaryWhat is Paid to Post? Paid to Post is a method wherein consumers are paid to post relevant content into a blog, a site, or a forum. Usually, in a paid to post system, the website owners are the ones who directly pays the posters. And, depending on the conditions of the site, the posters may be an outsider or a registered member of the site. Posters are usually paid base on their number of posts, some site owners pay posters more for creating or opening related site topics. Unrelated posts or spams, however, may not be counted, and may actually result to a ban or termination of the agreement.

This method has helped bloggers, site owners, and forum owners get visitors. Not only that, it has also motivated members to participate in discussions, therefore, creating an active community within a site.

Usually, the aim of website owners is to get advertisers or to get a high rank at the search engines. Thanks to this system, both of these can be achieved.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

5dollarmails.com - You've got to be kidding me!

Url: www.5dollarmails.com

Don't let the smiling doll logo fool you, this site is actually one of those scam sites that disguises itself as a friendly, harmless PTC/PTR site.

The site is too lousy to be taken seriously, the design is so unprofessional that you could almost mistake it for a kid's site. Just take the doll logo for instance, isn't she cute?

As for the offers, it sounds too good to be true. $50 for a signup, $3 referral bonus, all emails worth $5, all PTC ads worth $3, and the advertising packages are, well, they are so cheap. Which just proves how highly unstable this site truly is.

You can't also find clicking ads as a form of entertainment nor would it be fun after knowing that you won't get paid after all.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

GoogleNow.info - A non-Google affiliate Scam

Url: www.googlenow.info

We have seen scammers deceive the internet community with high pay offers in the past, and even up until now. Many were deceived during the old days, but now, the community has grown wiser, and so the scam sites lost their ground. However, scammers did not limit their strategy on that method of deception. They have now employed the use of new scam tactics. One of their tricks include the usage of domain names that are seemingly identical to well known sites. For instance, GoogleNow.

GoogleNow.info or Google-Bux is neither a part nor is affiliated to Google Inc. Note that Google does not involve their multi-billion dollar company on small time businesses such as PTC. Using the name of Google in a bux site would make you think that the site is backed by Google, and is highly sustainable, but think again. Using names of well-known companies in a non-affiliated site is a form of trickery, it only points out that they have malicious intentions. Furthermore, it is an attempt to confuse the public.

On a further note, the forum of this site had been linked to PTCPay. We don't know why? But the fact that GoogleNow.info is a scam site, it can also damage the reputation of PTCPay in a way.

0.05 AUD for a sign up

Today, I've earned another few cents, but this was the first time for me to get paid in AUD or Australian Dollars. Check this out..

This was from space143 from EMS forum. He messaged me privately and offered to pay 0.05 to sign up for his PTCerberus PTC site. At first, I was having doubts about him, I signed up but did not click the ads on the site. However, when he paid me, my doubts disappeared. Yes, this man does pay. He promised to pay me an additional 0.05 every 20 clicks. Why not? It's my chance to earn extra.

Rev.sh has closed

rev.shOne of the PTC sites, Rev.sh, has closed down, leaving only a message on their site informing the public of their downfall and their decision to abandon the business.

Here is the content of the message found on the site.

Rev.sh is oficially closed. All pending payments from users who have been online for the last 30 days have been paid. There is not enough revenue to keep the site going on, as for the traffic we're getting it seems no one is interested in getting part of a sustainable revenue sharing program. I tried.

Best regards.

The PTC industry has been meet with a lot of competition lately, and as PTC sites continue to spew into the open, some of these sites are thrown out of the business. Rev.sh had been once branded as a good paying site, but sadly, it has to go.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Earned another $0.36

The day ends for me with another 36 cents in my paypal account. Where did I get this? You may wonder. Well, they are from my uplines.

The first one was from eza through keepeR. This was my bonus for reaching 55 clicks at ScopeBux.

The second one was from ptconur. This is my weekly bonus for being his referral at TurquADs.

If you guys would like to make a deal with them, you have to signup on PTCTalk forum first. You may sign up here.

BuxWiz is down?

The site buxwiz.com, one of the latest PTC sites to come out in the PTC industry has been down since yesterday. They, however, leave a note on their page informing us that they were having some serious server issues. And today, they announced that they are doing some final preparations and will be back tomorrow.

The messages on their main page was their initiative to prevent their members from panicking. Whatever really happened to the site we will find out sooner or later.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

What is PTP?

What is PTP? Every individual who is into the GPT (Get Paid To) business venture should know this. PTP or Paid to Promote is another advertising method, wherein advertisers' sites get a chance to be exposed by promoting them in many ways including traffic exchanges, advertising, or direct views. Like in any GPT methods, there is an advertising site or company that facilitates this. The advertising site offers incentives for people to join and act as members of the program. In a PTP system, the advertising site gives their members certain rewards for promoting a site. The advertising site usually provides a url for members to promote.

The method of promotion is based on the guidelines of the site, this url can be usually added only on approved sites that may also offer advertising and traffic exchanges. Advertising sites don't usually just allow it to be promoted on methods other than the ones contained in their PTP guidelines. Illegal methods of promotion will usually result to member account deletion.

Every exposure is monitored and then validated by the advertising site. If it is a valid hit, the member promoting the PTP url gets a credit, this will be added into his/her account. However, some PTP advertising sites may base their payment on successful purchases only.

Usually, in a PTP method of advertising, advertisers and the advertising site are both promoted. The PTP url is usually a link of the advertising site displaying a webpage, and on that page, one or more of the advertisers' site is shown in a frame or a window. In some PTP sites, only the advertisers' page gets promoted.

PTP, to advertisers may or may not be an effective means to get quality hits. This method can get you a large number of hits, but most of these hits are bounce hits or hits that came from uninterested viewers. Moreover, if your ads are contained in your advertising site's window, the advertising site usually gets more of the promotion, while your site acts as a background and seldom gets the attention. To, consumers or promoters, this can be one of the opportunities to earn money online, although the pay is a little off in some sites, this can still be a good income bonus if proper promotion methods and strategies are observed.

Yahoo-Search Live is a Scam!

Url: www.yahoosearchlive.com

This site may sound like a multi-billion company, but the fact is, this site is actually a loser. YahooSearchLive is neither a part nor is affiliated to Yahoo or Microsoft. The domain name it took was an attempt to get the site a good score, although you may get confuse as to what this site's real name is since it also uses the name Money-Searc or Money Search. The site was made unprofessionally that even the site logo contains a typo, and the script it uses is actually free and open for hacking.

We recommend everyone to stay away from this site. This site had already been reported as a scam for not paying their members.

3-dollar-mail Fraud

Url: www.3-dollar-mail.com

3-Dollar-Mail is an unprofessionally made site, created for the purpose of deceiving the masses with high-earning benefits. The site offers to pay $3 for a single PTR email, 1 dollar for every PTC ad, and $50 just for a signup, but don't let this trickery fool you. The advertising packages are so cheap that you may wonder how this site manages to gain its own income. Moreover, the site claims that it can pay via Paypal, E-Gold, MoneyBookers, StormPay, EvoCash, AlertPay, AnyPay, NetPay, Neteller, EMO, E-Bullion, SfiPay, IntGold, Western Union, Wire Transfer, Money Order, or check. They are almost available on every money transfer services and account processors as if to boast that they have the money to pay all the payments. This site is just impossible, stay away from it!

TurquADs instant payment disabled

Just recently, the PTC site TurquADs announced on their forum that they will be disabling their instant payment feature. This was due to an error in their instant payment system that causes it to send payments to a payee twice.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

TurquADs further stated that payments will be done manually until the errors are fixed. They also thank anilptc for his honesty and for his initiative to refund the money that was mistakenly sent to his payment processor.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Get Paid to Search

What is Paid to Search or Get Paid to Search? This is another method of earning money online, in which you are paid to search the web using search engines. There are some companies that offer this kind of business opportunity. These companies usually earn from advertisers or from affiliate marketing. Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft are among the companies that promote this kind of business. Google, in their Google Adsense program has given affiliates the chance to earn by promoting or displaying Google's Search Engine on affiliate sites. Yahoo also competes with the help of affiliate companies, while Microsoft pay consumers to use their Live Search search engine.

As an ordinary consumer, you can earn money online by applying on pay to search websites or by participating in affiliate marketing. In an affiliate marketing such as Google's Adsense program, however, you are prohibited to search on your promoted Search Engine. Affiliate companies or sites that offer pay to search on the other hand, encourages you to use their search engine and will even pay you to use it.

Earned 37 cents for the day

I don't know about this, but cents seem to be raining everyday. Yesterday I earned 10 cents, now I got 37 cents. They are good stuff to put into my piggy bank.

The first payment I got was from shlomi441, he paid me after I signup as his referral.

The second payment was from ugocampisani, who gave me a bonus for being his referral at BuxP and Clickz.me.

Do you want to earn too, join PTCTalk, and get socialized with other people. That's one way of earning easy money online.

PTCPay vs Buxhost

On July 12, PTCPay, the said creator of the GeN3 script, had announce on their forum that they are going to sue Buxhost for using and selling GeN3 scripts without authorization. Buxhost denied the allegation and claims that the accusation was falsely made so to only damage their reputation. Buxhost also said that they were not using and selling GeN3 scripts, but a different one that they themselves created. Buxhost further added that the accusation was an attempt to throw them out of business so PTCPay could dominate the competition.

The two rivals have been engaging in a conflict that may sooner or later reach the court. And when it does, only then could we be able to judge appropriately.

2-dollar-mail.com: Is it scam?

Url: www.2-dollar-mail.com

2-dollar-mailThis site has a good professional design, unfortunately, it can offer nothing more but looks.

The site has passed on the design review, but in the legitimacy side, it fails to make the cut. The main reason why this site failed is the fact that it offers high earning benefits. That's not bad, but if you compare it to the prices of the advertising packages sold at this site, you'll find out that this site does not actually earn, but loses income. And, for a site that is going down, how can you expect it to pay its members? It won't!

2-dollar-mail is an obvious scam.

247payouts.com - High or No Pay?

Url: www.247payouts.com

So how did this site become scam? That should be our first question. There are a dozen of reasons to brand this as a scam site. First of all, this site is poorly designed, you can almost instantly see how unprofessional the makers of this site is. Second, the site encoding really sucks! Third, this PTR site offers 10USD worth emails. Fourth, it offers 50USD just for a signup! Fifth, it also offers 100USD as a signup bonus. Sixth, they have a 30$ referral bonus. Seventh, they have a 5000USD payout. Eighth, despite the intense offers (which is already a great burden to this company), they are still cocky enough to have a 3 ref levels of commission. Ninth reason is, they are not selling any advertisements, and you will wonder how this site earns to pay their members. Tenth, they have a ridiculously high prizes for a referral contest. Eleventh, they have fake site stats. Who could believe that they have actually payed members a total amount of 200+ million dollars? And finally, they have fake payment proofs.

If the site owners are a bunch of philanthropists, they could now be found begging on the streets. Stay away from this site!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Earned $0.10 in a day

Today I have earned another 10 cents. Not from PTC or any other money-earning sites, but from good individuals who pay for participating in their offers. You can get more cents this way.

I get the first 5 cents from Alirex. He offered to pay for a referral signup on green-elist.com. I find this good fellow in the EMS forum.

The other 5 cents was from lens of the Elite Fund Team Forum. He offered 5 cents for a referral signup on ultratextadsite.com.

Overall, I earned 10c for the day. This once again proves that you can earn money on the web. Get to know people, socialize with them, and you can earn from them.

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