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Monday, July 6, 2009


Url: http://www.orangebizs.com

Site Details

Member Offers
· Membership with this site is totally free
· No-Minimum Weekly Payout By PayPal
· $1.01 Payout By AlertPay Within 72 Hours
· Paid To Promote up to $0.88/CPM for Upgraded Members (Middle or Higher)
· Search Email worth 0.25 - 0.5 Cents optin only
· All Cash Email and PTC worth 0.1 - 1 Cents
· PTP ads worth 0.02 - 0.04 Cents optin only
· Point ads Worth 8 - 20 Points optin only
· Points are used to Upgrade,Trade or Redeem Ads
· Paid To Signup offers worth $0.1 to $10
· International Members are Welcome (Must Understand English)
· 4 Referral levels of commission under you --- 7%,3%,1%,1%
· No Activity Requirement to earn from downline
· Member using Proxy or Cheating our system will be DELETED no exception
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Advertiser Offers
· The most cost effective advertising
· Guaranteed Clickthru Ad Options
· Email Advertising or Banner Advertising
· 100% OPT IN Advertising, NO SPAM
· Inactive members are deleted every 7 days
· Cheaters are deleted Daily
· Track your campaigns with real time statistics
· Reliable, Friendly Service
· Ad usually be processed within 24 Hours
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OrangeBizs is one the old multi-earning sites that serve advertising through PTC (Paid to Click), PTP (Paid to Promote), PTS (Paid to Sign Up), and PTR (Paid to Read Emails). The business run by this website is primarily advertising. Their business strategy is to get members (people) to register on their site by offering membership deals, while advertisers are offered with cheap advertising packages. Then, they show the advertisements bought by the advertisers to the members. Members are paid to view these ads.

Usually PTC ads are worth $0.0002, but depending on trends, sometimes, a $0.001 could be seen. Email ads are worth $0.0025 - 0.01, they are seldom shown though, that is unless, some advertiser buys a lot of it.

The site also offers members with PTP or Paid to Promote. In this feature, you are paid to promote a certain OrangeBizs PTP url on an approved site. You can promote this PTP url by means of advertising or an exchange link. Every hit sent to the link is credited with credits. The exchange rate is $0.88 for 1000 credits. Unfortunately, this feature seems to be offered only to upgraded members.

The site has some other offers like Paid to Sign Up, in which you are paid for signing up on an advertisement. You have to be confirmed to be credited though, and to do this, you have to sent them an email that usually contains the welcome email of the site you signed up. Other features include a Point & Contest PTC, where you gain pts. instead of cash or even win 0.8 Cents. You can use the points you earned to buy ads and upgrades or it can even be converted to cash. The site also has a referral system that spans up to 4 referral levels with a commission of 7%, 3%, 1%, 1% consecutively. There are also contests and other surprises, just look around the site.

The site's minimum payout is $0.01 for Paypal and $1.01 for Alertpay. There is a certain number of days before your payment could be release. New user payments are usually held until the account is 14 days old.

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