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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

1-800-Mail.com is Bogus

Url: www.1-800-mail.com

1-800-mailWhere can you find membership offers that are highly profitable? Where else, they can be found mostly on scam sites, and among them comes 1-800-mail.com.

The site operates as an advertising website primarily using the PTR (Paid to Read Emails) system, but they pay their members ridiculously high. With emails worth 5-20 cents, and PTC ads worth 2-5 cents, one may wonder how this site manage to survive. On top of that, if you base their offers to the cost of their advertising packages, you'll be surprise to see that they are actually cheap.

1-800-mail is too unsustainable for a legit site. It might as well be a graveyard for advertisers.

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