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Monday, July 27, 2009

BpBux is Under Construction

Url: www.bpbux.com

BpBuxThe PTC site BpBux had came out with some innovations, and during their beta period (testing phase), it convinced some people to believe that this is one of the best things to come into the PTC industry. However, it seems that BpBux weren't still contented and decided to tweak the site even further. And right now, they are reconstructing the site to better prepare for their coming launch. Also note that all member earnings during their beta period may be lost, that is since it belonged to a dummy account balance.

The message that you could see on their site right now is:

Please note that we are currently improving major parts of the site. We wants to ensure the best and smoothest service for our members. We are sorry for the recent downtime.

We could only wonder what the new BpBux would look like, let's hope it's going for the better.


  1. Did you say earnings may be lost?

  2. That is correct. Admin of the site say it so.

  3. Oh that's bad for the members..
    Admin shouldn't let this happen.. Earnings belong to members since they worked for them..
    Hope for the best..

  4. Earnings will reset because what you signed up on that site during beta period was actually a dummy account, meaning it's not a real account.

    Site was still in beta, which means, it's for users to test, and not the final thing. However, admin did say that all referrals referred will remain intact.

  5. Oh, now I understan!
    Thanks for make this clear :)


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