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Saturday, July 18, 2009

GoogleNow.info - A non-Google affiliate Scam

Url: www.googlenow.info

We have seen scammers deceive the internet community with high pay offers in the past, and even up until now. Many were deceived during the old days, but now, the community has grown wiser, and so the scam sites lost their ground. However, scammers did not limit their strategy on that method of deception. They have now employed the use of new scam tactics. One of their tricks include the usage of domain names that are seemingly identical to well known sites. For instance, GoogleNow.

GoogleNow.info or Google-Bux is neither a part nor is affiliated to Google Inc. Note that Google does not involve their multi-billion dollar company on small time businesses such as PTC. Using the name of Google in a bux site would make you think that the site is backed by Google, and is highly sustainable, but think again. Using names of well-known companies in a non-affiliated site is a form of trickery, it only points out that they have malicious intentions. Furthermore, it is an attempt to confuse the public.

On a further note, the forum of this site had been linked to PTCPay. We don't know why? But the fact that GoogleNow.info is a scam site, it can also damage the reputation of PTCPay in a way.

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  1. beware of a scam site called, 6via affiliate network Desoho, they do not pay the members,they only colect your money.


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