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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Alertpay Account loaded with 73 cents

I had my Alertpay Account stagnant for a number of days already. Without a credit card to fill it up, the account appears gloomy. But thanks to a certain guy named Raul Vesinurm, it finally gets a load. Here's the payment proof:

This guy offered to pay me $1 if I join under him in M2E (Me2Everyone). After completing registration on the site, I sent him my alertpay account id, then the guy honored our agreement.

You can find him in PTCTalk Forum under the name raulves. His offer is still open, so what are you guys and gals waiting for?

Go register on PTCTalk

1 comment:

  1. beware of a scam site called, 6via affiliate network Desoho, they do not pay the members,they only colect your money.


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