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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rev.sh has closed

rev.shOne of the PTC sites, Rev.sh, has closed down, leaving only a message on their site informing the public of their downfall and their decision to abandon the business.

Here is the content of the message found on the site.

Rev.sh is oficially closed. All pending payments from users who have been online for the last 30 days have been paid. There is not enough revenue to keep the site going on, as for the traffic we're getting it seems no one is interested in getting part of a sustainable revenue sharing program. I tried.

Best regards.

The PTC industry has been meet with a lot of competition lately, and as PTC sites continue to spew into the open, some of these sites are thrown out of the business. Rev.sh had been once branded as a good paying site, but sadly, it has to go.

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