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Thursday, July 30, 2009

A-N-Cash.com - Great Design Bad Site

Url: www.a-n-cash.com

A-N-Cash is one of the scam sites created to lure people into joining and turn them into virtual slaves. And, although the site looks cool, we advise you not to trust the looks as looks can be deceiving.

The site displays a message with the words "What are you waiting for? Join us. 16,239 (number changes) members can't be wrong". Sure, 16,000+ can all be wrong, and you can add up to that number if you're not careful.

The site offers some pretty cool offers like all emails worth $200, $2000 signup bonus, $200 per direct referral bonus, and 6 Ref levels of commission. Apparently, you'll get rich if you join this site, but don't get your hopes too high coz this site is gonna suck you.

To spot the lies, check their advertising packages. One of the advertising offers is $500 solo paid email to US/CA/UK/AU (40 second timer) for a measly price of $1.00. As you can see, the business they are running is highly unstable, and it looks like it was intended to operate this way. Don't trust this one.

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