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Sunday, July 26, 2009

ValueBux is for sale

ValueBux had been categorized as one of the risky PTC sites to come out into the open. It was found out that it belonged under Michael Pratt's GPTNetworks, the same organization that had been known to scam people through various PTC sites. At first, ValueBux was a paying site, and although its legitimacy was questioned, many members of the site defended it through testimonies and payment proofs.

Later, ValueBux admin announces that Paypal had froze their account, and because of this, they implemented other payout options. However, even this did not help to resolve the problem. Payouts had slowed to a crawl and the number of pending payouts had started to increase, it was followed by the total disappearance of cashout options. This led members to believe that ValueBux was running out of money.

And finally, unable to carry the burden any longer, the site owner decided to sell the site. It was auctioned at flippa.com.

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The final bidding price of the site resided at $25,000. The owner claims that the site was making a profit of $30,000 a month. Interested buyers had questioned him over and again, like where do his traffic come from? Where is the proof of income? How does he protect the site from click frauds? etc. etc. But, the most intriguing question found was "Why would he sell a site earning $30,000 a month for only $25,000?" ValueBux owner's reply was, "I just don't have the time to keep up with the site."

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