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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What is PTC?

What is PTC? What is Paid to Click? You may wonder. PTC or Paid to Click or Pay to click is an online business model that draws huge amounts of online traffic from people aiming to earn from home. PTC websites act as middlemen between advertisers and consumers. The advertiser pays to display ads on the website, which will then be viewed by the consumers. With this, consumers are paid a commission by the site base on the amount and type of ads viewed.

This business model had been implemented by huge companies. Minor, small time companies are also using this method, among them are Bux sites, Aurora sites, etc. PTC business is an effective way of advertising, however, there are also problems arising from this model. One of the major problems are bots. Bots are a kind of program or artificial intelligence that tries to mimic human online interaction. They can click ads and do some activity to some limited extent. Bots can ramped up the expenses for advertisers. Another one of the problems are the affiliates themselves. Some of these affiliates click an ad to generate income, but does not give regards to the advertisers who spend money on this advertising model.

PTC businesses are common nowadays. The business model is easy to understand, and can easily be put up using only a meager capital. However, maintaining them is difficult as this model is heavily affected by trends. And, as the number of consumers grow while the number of advertisers lessen, business could be destabilize. Major companies on the other hand have handled the business with ease using a different approach. Minor companies haven't been so successful, though there are some that manage to thrive.

With regards to the consumers, they seem happy to join this program as it gives them an opportunity to earn money at the comforts of their home. Some would even go as far as invest money on upgrades and referral purchases offered by the PTC sites. Unfortunately, not all PTC businesses are good, and with the exception of larger companies, most PTC sites are unstable. And with the decline of a PTC site, all consumer investments in the site are most likely going to be lost. Some scammers also resort to PTC business to disguise their bad intentions. They sometimes create fake ads to click, and they sell bots disguised as referrals. At the end, they run away with the money.

Still, PTC business can be a reliable source of income for consumers, advertisers, and site owners. With care, proper analysis and decision making, PTC could earn you money online.

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