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Monday, July 27, 2009

BuxNew - Members unable to Cashout

Url: www.buxnew.com

BuxNewBuxNew is one of the latest PTC sites to come out this year. The site was said to be using a GeN2 script, a bux site script that was said to have bugs in it. The site started as a paying site and it continued to pay smoothly until one day, Buxnew's admin announced that the site was hacked. They also informed members who invested on the site to contact support to get their money back. This was followed by a series of complaints by members who were unable to receive their payments, some others got their accounts deleted without reason. The problem escalated further, and soon the cashout feature was also purposely disabled to stop members from cashing out with their money. It was found out that BuxNew's admin was the former admin of the downed scam site known as NovoBux.


  1. Thanks for informing about new happenings in PTC world...keep up with your useful blog...Thanks for advices in forums as well:)

  2. Thanks Olga.. I find it my job to warn, help, and advice people.

  3. thank for the information good work


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