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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Performancebux - Good gone Bad

Url: www.performancebux.com

It's sad to include this site on the Black List among other bad PTC sites, but that's what it is now. PerformanceBux, like most other Bux sites operates as an advertising business using the PTC (Paid to Click) method, where they pay members who joined the site to view advertiser's ads. And while I was not a member of this site personally, there were reports that this site was doing good at first, but then, there came the news that the site was attacked by some malicious hackers, and it resulted to the lost of funds and some member records. After that, PerformanceBux was never the same again. They are now refusing to pay their members, and is constantly losing ground.

The site may still be active, but I suggest you don't put your money into this site. This is one good site gone bad.

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