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Thursday, July 16, 2009

3-dollar-mail Fraud

Url: www.3-dollar-mail.com

3-Dollar-Mail is an unprofessionally made site, created for the purpose of deceiving the masses with high-earning benefits. The site offers to pay $3 for a single PTR email, 1 dollar for every PTC ad, and $50 just for a signup, but don't let this trickery fool you. The advertising packages are so cheap that you may wonder how this site manages to gain its own income. Moreover, the site claims that it can pay via Paypal, E-Gold, MoneyBookers, StormPay, EvoCash, AlertPay, AnyPay, NetPay, Neteller, EMO, E-Bullion, SfiPay, IntGold, Western Union, Wire Transfer, Money Order, or check. They are almost available on every money transfer services and account processors as if to boast that they have the money to pay all the payments. This site is just impossible, stay away from it!

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