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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

247payouts.com - High or No Pay?

Url: www.247payouts.com

So how did this site become scam? That should be our first question. There are a dozen of reasons to brand this as a scam site. First of all, this site is poorly designed, you can almost instantly see how unprofessional the makers of this site is. Second, the site encoding really sucks! Third, this PTR site offers 10USD worth emails. Fourth, it offers 50USD just for a signup! Fifth, it also offers 100USD as a signup bonus. Sixth, they have a 30$ referral bonus. Seventh, they have a 5000USD payout. Eighth, despite the intense offers (which is already a great burden to this company), they are still cocky enough to have a 3 ref levels of commission. Ninth reason is, they are not selling any advertisements, and you will wonder how this site earns to pay their members. Tenth, they have a ridiculously high prizes for a referral contest. Eleventh, they have fake site stats. Who could believe that they have actually payed members a total amount of 200+ million dollars? And finally, they have fake payment proofs.

If the site owners are a bunch of philanthropists, they could now be found begging on the streets. Stay away from this site!

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