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Friday, July 31, 2009

What is a Downline?

DownlineWhat is a downline? Downline is an individual who was successfully referred by a referrer to join a Multi-Level Marketing business or company. Downline is also synonymous to the word referral.

Downlines are always under an upline. They are the ones who usually needs to be guided, taught, and trained. For the most part, it is the upline's responsibility to nurture the downlines so they could all function better as a team.

In network marketing, downlines are usually the ones acting as distributors.

In some network marketing businesses, a downline may become an upline by simply referring another person. However, in other network marketing businesses, there is a quota for members to reach before they could elevate their position, and allowed to find their own referrals. Once downlines become uplines themselves, they will have their own network market to manage.

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