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Saturday, July 25, 2009

666mails.com - The Devil has joined PTR

Url: www.666mails.com

666 is the mark of the devil, and somehow, some admin is crazy enough to use it as a domain name for his/her PTR site. The site has a weird creepy design, and as its name implies, the site is downright demonic as it can infect your computer with malicious programs if you're not careful.

This site has some tempting offers like $66 for a signup, all paid E-mails are worth $6, and banner PTCs worth $3. But of course, the devil has always been known as a liar, and if you're stupid enough to take these offers, then you're in for some nasty surprises.

The site looks as if it has been dead for quiet some time, with only a few affiliates, and almost zero advertisers. Stay away from this site if you don't want your computer to get possessed by some evil spirit.

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