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Monday, July 20, 2009

PTCBoycott caught promoting a Scam

Url: www.ptcboycott.com

PTCBoycottPTCBoycott.com is a site that boycotts bad PTC sites, too bad it didn't boycotted itself for promoting scam sites. As you can see, this site recommends StormofCash.com and 1DollarPTC.com, one is on the GPTBoycott Watchlist, and the other is a certified scam site.

The owner of this site has been identified as Jeffrey Johnson, the very same Jeffrey Johnson who owns jeffrey-johnson-top-ptc-sites.com, StormofCash, and most probably 1DollarPTC.

The forum of this site links to another site PTCHangout.com, which you would mistake for a real PTC hangout. However, once you checked the threads, you may succumbed to laughter as it mostly contains spam posts about Viagra and other non-related stuff.

Do not rely on this site for information, if you don't want to get misinformed.

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