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Friday, July 24, 2009

400dollarsdaily.info - Bad English and an Unstable Program

Url: www.400dollarsdaily.info

This PTR site claims that they are a stable program, with a mission to provide their members the opportunity to achieve financial freedom. Perhaps, however, before saying something audacious, they should have practiced their English first as it needs a serious workout.

Like most scam sites, this site boasts high income salary just for reading mails. And would you believe, they offer $10 for every mail? Unlike some other scam sites, however, they offer no-minimum payout.

The site requires you to pay a membership fee before you could join their program, and that's where their trap has been set. As soon as you pay them, you can participate in their virtual slavery program, where you click ads for them, then you can kiss your minimum payout goodbye.

400dollarsdaily is a "pay them, work for them, and goodbye" program. You don't deserve to suffer in this kind of GPT program.

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