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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Url: http://www.hkbuzz.com

Site Details

Member Offers
· Earn $0.01 HKD ($0.02 for Premier) per click.
· Earn 10% (60% for Premier) for every ad your referrals click.
· Earn $0.01 HKD for every person become your referral.
· Earn at least $0.10 HKD per PTSU offer!
· Earn at least $1.00 HKD per each Advertiser you referred!
· Access detailed statistics of your clicks, earnings and even of your referral's clicks and activities.
· $1 HKD Daily Cashout via Paypal! (applies to first payout only)
Register Today And Get Your $0.07 Sign Up Bonus!

Advertiser Offers
· Choose your click pack depending on your Budget and your Needs.
· 30 standard timer for your ad must be viewed.
· View detailed statistics during and after your ad display.
· Enhanced anti-cheat protection.
· Multi-text advertising.
· Each registered user's click and viewing will only be accounted once in 24 hours.
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HKBuzz is one of the newest PTC (Paid to Click)/PTSU (Paid to Sign Up) to come out into the GPT (Get Paid to) industry. The site's primary purpose is PTC/PTSU advertising, in which it acts like a middleman between consumers and advertisers. In this system of advertising, HKBuzz encourages consumers to join, these consumers then view and sign up on ads for commission, delivering traffic to advertisers' sites in the process.

HKBuzz.com offers to pay their members 0.01 HKD (Hong Kong Dollars) for clicking on a PTC ad, and a minimum of 0.10 HKD for signing up on a PTSU ad. PTC ads are clickable once only every 24 hrs. As for the PTSU system, you are required to complete the sign up and abide with the instructions in order to be credited. You are not allowed to sign up on the same ad more than once, doing so will result to a penalty, in which you will be charged with a fee.

HKBuzz offers one of the most easy to reach cashout amount, with a minimum of only 1 HKD. You can usually reach it within 2-3 weeks of clicking, depending on the number of available ads per day. Premiere members may reach it even faster since they are offered more ads exclusively served to Premiere members only. The cashout process is also fast. Payouts could be receive within 1-7 days. The minimum 1 Hong Kong Dollar cashout limit will increase to 2 HKD after receiving your first payment.

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