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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dolcesurf - Sweet earning days are numbered

Url: http://www.dolcesurf.com

DolceSurfDolceSurf is an autosurf program website owned by a certain Roberto Luca or Luca Roberto. For those who do not know what autosurf is, it is a type of advertising program where advertising sites are rolled and viewed inside a frame. There is a timer that allows viewers to stay on the site until a certain amount of time then the next ad is displayed. An investment is required to earn on this program, in this site's case, the minimum is $10. Member earnings are base on the amount of money invested. This site offers 2 plans, one earning you an 8% commission, and the other is 10%. You are allowed to earn these commissions after surfing the ads.

The site began with a good start. People are happily investing their money and are getting paid on time. Soon, the admin sent out letters regarding a certain man who he calls a jerk for spreading bad comments about his site. Then after a few weeks later, members began complaining about pending payments. The admin no longer responses. DolceSurf is no more.

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