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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Suspect Sites

This post will serve as a list of suspected scam sites. Suspect Sites are those sites that show signs of eminent scam probability. A site belonging to this category does not necessarily mean they are scam, although they can be considered as an investment-risk site. There are many factors as to why they can be suspected for scam, this include delay in payouts, bugs in the system that causes inconvenience, sudden disappearance or site downtime without notice, unfair banning of members, etc.




qualitybux.com (Moved to Scam List)


  1. Helo, i need opinion, regarding 6via affiliate Network Platform Desoho, i want to know if it is a scam or not

  2. http://www.beachptc.com/index.php This site dont pay the members, it is a scam. stay away.

  3. http://bestdollarclicks.com/index.php This site, they dont pay the members, stay away.

  4. http://www.makenbux.com/index.php?view=join& i need help, i want to know if this is a scam site, please imbestigate because more people will become a victim,they will lose money in upgrade and waste of time.

  5. notice to the public,BEWARE of 6via affiliate network Desoho, They dont pay the members.people all over the world says it is a confirm scam.the owner of the site is now hiding from the police.he will go to jail and face trial in a court.

  6. i need help i want to know if this http://autopayouts.com/pages/index.php is a scam site or not

  7. http://clockpay.net/pages/enter.php i think this is a new scam site, please, imbestigate before more people become a victim.


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