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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bux3 - an old scam site

Url: www.bux3.com

Bux3.com is one of the old PTC scam sites since bux.to. It came out to rival the amazing bux.to site (now a scam site), and like bux.to, it was also paying at first. The site begun its business using the same bux script that its competitor bux.to has. Both sites had been identical in almost all aspects, including the design. The only difference they had were in the ads, though both sites also had lots of ads available for clicking.

Earlier, this site had been met with progress despite falling short from bux.to in terms of popularity. It had became one of the top legit sites of their time. Unfortunately, when bux.to started having some issues with delay in payments. This site also follow suit.

Bux3 soon changed their design, but retained much of their script's functionality.

People remained confident on this site until news of the site owner's involvement with a number of scam sites including bux3.net (identical to bux3.com), worldbux, max-ptc, etc. spread out.

The name Ronnie came out as the man behind these sites, and it appears that he had been attempting to refinance his failing network by opening new sites and grabbing whatever resources he can get from members who invest.

Soon, Bux3 also began having some issues with payouts. Many standard members who reached the minimum $10 cashout were never paid, and this escalated until it included the premium members.


  1. hi this is naresh from india....... im clicking bux3 iam reach 19$ abow but cashout were never paid

  2. Yes, it's an old scam site owned by a scammer named Ronnie. He has other more sites, so be careful.


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