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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Url: www.x-mails.biz

Site Details

· Free membership
· International members welcome
· Members from China, Hongkong, Pakistan and Thailand can join but they have to take permission from admin for payout otherwise they can only use their earning for redeem ads.
· Request Payouts to : Alertpay, Paypal
· 1$ payout via alertpay and 0.25$ via paypal masspay
· referral bonus: 0.1 cent and 50 point
· (!MUST Understand English!)
· Emails worth up to 1 Cent
· Paid To Clicks up to 0.5 Cent
· Paid to Promote feature available .70 cent per 1000 USA views
· Affiliate pages available .20 cent per 1000 views
· Inactive members are deleted after 60 days
· 0% activity requirement
· 10% level 1 referral earning
For join visit This link

· The Most Cost Effective Advertising!
· Guaranteed Clickthru Ad Options!
· Many Advertising Options!
· Advertise To 100% Opt In Membership!
· Members Are Eager To Receive Your Ads!
· Absolutely no Spam!
· Advertising Will Be Made Within 24 hours!
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X-mailS.biz is a GPT Site owned by Nitin Kumar, an Indian site administrator who owns other GPT sites. The site has a script similar to Donkeymails and Orangebizs. The business also appears sustainable, with a balanced rate between advertising package cost and ads worth.

The business is run in similar fashion to the two mentioned GPT (Donkeymails and Orangebizs) sites, wherein members are paid to view ads, and gets a percentage commission from advertisement sales.

The site has some other member earning features aside from PTC. It also has a PTR, PTS/PTSU, and a PTP. In PTC, members can either earn cash or points depending on the type of ads viewed. There are four types of PTC ads option to choose, Cash PTC (Earn points or cash from viewing advertisers' sites), Admin PTC (Earn points or cash from viewing the admin's PTP ads from other sites), Point PTC (Earn points for viewing ads), and PTC (tier 1/2) where only members the United States, Canada, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom are allowed to view and earn.

The site also has Click contests, Auctions, and Affiliate Pages. It also has a forum that redirects to www.globalfriendsonline.com (Nitinkumar's site support section) where members can discuss their issues and problems with the admin.

The site has a minimum $0.25 payout via Paypal, and $1.00 payout for Alertpay. Payouts are automatically sent as soon as it reaches the minimum quota, and are processed every Friday.

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