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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

HKBuzz gets a New Design


The PTC site that pays in Hong Kong Dollars, HKBuzz, has gotten itself a new layout design. Going back a few days ago, HKBuzz's admin ask members for a feedback regarding the site layout. The admin even offered to compensate members for the response. Most commented that the site was OK, although it was obvious that the design wasn't very user-friendly, and has an unprofessional look. However, a few did point out some flaws like links not in proper places (thus confusing to the users), the layout looks unprofessional, and the design was too bright for it to be user-friendly. The site admin did respond with a new logo, however, it was still too bright. And just recently, HKBuzz release another one. This time, it looks good, and although it still lack some professional sense, at least, it's now user-friendly.

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