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Thursday, August 20, 2009

BuxForYou.com - Down or Gone?

The PTC site BuxForYou.com, one of the sites using Buxhost's NeXtGen PTC script has disappeared without leaving any announcements, and it is not known if the site would come back or will be gone for good. Way back earlier, this site had been criticized for its $0.05 per ad view offer. The site also has many ads to click, making it a high earner. And while the site was said to had been paying, the number of daily ads available seem to had gradually diminish as time goes by. This continued until only 1 ad remained. It can be interpreted that the site was having some shortage in funds, a reason why they had to cut out most ads.

The site is still down as of the moment, leaving no message except for the "This Domain Is Available" notice. This could be bad as this sort of notice usually means that the domain name has expired, and a reason to believe that the site owner has actually missed his bills; an indication that the owner has indeed run out of money.

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