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Monday, August 17, 2009

1centemails.com is a Scam

Url: www.1centemails.com

Not to be confused with 1centmail.com, which is a legit site, the site 1centemails.com is a PTR Scam site. And, although the site design looks professional, the admin on board is not, and this could be a problem as no matter how hard you look at the site, chances are, you will still never get paid.

The site offers you 5 USD just for a signup. Base on PTR standards, this is too much for a bonus. They also offer 1c for each click made, and sends 5c bonus emails every month. If you compare it with standard legit PTR sites, you will immediately sniff the scam as this site operates beyond standard. Unlike other scam sites though, this site offers reasonable deals. The advertisement package value and the click's worth are well-balanced; the packages aren't cheap. The question, however, is that who would buy such an expensive advertising package? If no one buys, you still won't get a share from advertisements.

This site has been tried by numerous individuals already, and most of them came out with a complaint. It was reported that once you reach the minimum $10 cashout, the cashout button won't appear or has been deactivated. Furthermore, they will force you to upgrade so to receive payout. Upgrading, however, won't solve the problem. As a matter of fact, it is the real trap! Once you upgrade, you have been truly scammed as they did not only wasted your time, but had also taken your money away.

This site had also been reported to had been showing fake payment proofs, another reason to believe that this site is a SCAM!

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