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Monday, August 24, 2009

100euro-mail.com or no euro at all

Url: www.100euro-mail.com

This site resembles the scam site 100-cash.com, we can deduce that both 100euro-mail and 100-cash are using the same script and are deceiving people with the same scam. We can guess that these sites came from the same scriptwriter although we cannot confirm if the owner of both sites is actually one and the same person.

The site has a preposterous offer. Imagine a site offering to pay €100 for every emails you read, gives €1000 for a signup bonus, credits €100 for every referral you send, and has 5 referral levels deep. We all know this is impossible, and we can only believe that this site was not meant to be an earning site but rather some sort of a click exchange site. The offers are there simply to attract members. It's something we can analogize as a bait within a trap.

The site offers advertisers to advertise their ads on the following websites: a-n-cash.com, coast-mail.com, sun-cash.com, feer-mial.com, 2-dollar-mail.com, 10-cash.com, 10euro-mail.com, 100euro-mail.com, 100-cash.com, 20-euro-mail.com, 20-cash.com, 200euro-mail.com, 20eurmail.com, which appears to be their sister sites. And although we have not reviewed all the sites on the list, we could already consider them as scam because of their affiliation with 100euro-mail.

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