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Thursday, August 6, 2009

ValueBux - From Paying to Scam

Url: www.valuebux.com

Valuebux is one of the PTC sites that pay at first, but as time goes on, it gradually yielded to business-related problems. Earlier, this site was mentioned as an investment-risk site due to its connections with the GPTNetworks. An organization that was responsible for numerous scam sites.

At first it stood firm despite negative criticisms. It had even impress the masses with its professional design, and instant payouts. The problem of this site only started when ValueBux's account was suspended by Paypal (ValueBux primary payment processor). Due to the suspension of the account, ValueBux was forced to try another payment processor. However, it was said that the main funds needed to sustain the site, and at the same time pay members was on Paypal. And because of this incident, the site suffered from shortage of funds. The amount they currently have could not suffice for the increasing number of payouts, which eventually resulted to the delay in the payout process.

Members had now began to lose trust on the site, prompting some to stop purchasing upgrades and referrals. This aggravated the site's problem even further. And soon, the cashout option was removed, disabling members from cashing out. This move had driven members mad.

Unable to cope with the growing tension, ValueBux's owner finally sold the site to a new owner. The new owner was said to be under a company - Priscilla's Computer Store LLC. The new admins promised to pay members and even boasted that they would return Paypal as a payment option.

As soon as they took hold, the new admins immediately sent out special offers on upgrades and referral packages. Most members, however, had been doubtful of the new management, and had been extremely cautious, a reason that no or only few purchases were made.

The promised payouts did not took place, this has worsened ValueBux's condition, and those people who were no longer able to bear the delay in payouts had began complaining on ValueBux's forum. This has angered one administrator, prompting her to hurl insults and threaten to delete accounts.

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The site continues to deteriorate, admins finally ask members for support by asking them to purchase upgrades and referral packages, they also try to get members' sympathy by telling stories like they were having some issues with their other company partners, how the admin stood up for the members, shooting incident at the admin's house, and more. One of the admins, particularly, the one who was being rude with the members even ask for an apology, and vowed not to ever handle the site again.

However, the damage has already been done. The site had too many issues to be considered legit. So, even if members get paid, it would still be hard to trust this site. ValueBux has definitely lost its value.

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