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Friday, August 21, 2009

TheClickers.net - Watch out for viruses!

For those who are members or for those who plans to visit TheClickers.net, we strongly advise you to protect your computers with updated antivirus programs. We also advise anyone to avoid installing plugins coming from this site.

We have received reports that this site has viruses in it, at least, not directly within it. We are not sure as to where the attack is coming from, but we believe it is from one of the advertisers' banners. TheClickers.net has been reported legit, but it does not guarantee that this site has no badvertisers in it. Enter the site with utmost caution.

1 comment:

  1. TheClickers site itself is clean, but I dunno about the ads. I have been member of theclickers for almost 2 years now and they would never put viruses on their site. I am also a moderator of TheClickers network forum.


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