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Friday, August 7, 2009

DannyBux.com - From Broke to Broken

Url: www.dannybux.com

DannyBux is another example of a paying PTC site that had gone haywire. It is a common trend on PTC sites to appear, pay a little, and run. And, this site was no exception. The site was said to be using a GeN2 script, and was believe by the few as the next Neobux, that is, maybe because of the script that was seemingly similar to the popular site. Perhaps, but in reality, DannyBux was not even close, and never will be the next Neobux.

Eventually, the site gone broke, and the admin made his abandon ship move, leaving members in a sinking vessel. Now, the site is inactive and defaced. It was even strip of its codes and is no longer functioning, save for some minor scripts that remains intact. The site has gone from broke to broken!

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