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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Beach Bux having trouble with codes?

Url: www.beachbux.net

BeachBuxThis once lively paying site has now turned into a melancholic scam site.

Recalling a few weeks ago, the admin of this site announced that they had been having some issues with the site's codes. According to the admin, their old coder screwed them by faking many of the site's features and told them that they work. However, when they tested the features, they found several bugs.

The admin also said they had been trying to contact their old coder, but with no luck. Their coder wasn't replying to their e-mails nor does he answer their phone calls. The admin reassured the members, however, by saying they have found a new coder. But, since there is a lot to fix, including the Alertpay IPN, and the referral recycle bug, it would take them awhile to get everything back on track.

After awhile, a certain someone who claims to be the admin's assistant told the members on the site forum that they should keep trying to cash out by visiting and revisiting the site. He told the members to cashout a couple of hours after a failed attempt. And although this worked for some members, not everybody got their payment.

Now, a few weeks had passed, and the admin has not yet returned. The forum was filled with spam posts from opportunistic spammers already, but surprisingly, no one was even moderating the forum as well. This gives us a reason to believe that the admin has abandoned the PTC site.

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