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Friday, August 14, 2009

CuteBux runs out of Money!

CutebuxNews of CuteBux running out of money has shocked the community of Cutebux clickers as the chances are, members may not get paid. This had been announced by Cutebux's admin on their forum last Tuesday. The words are "DUE TO NON-INVESTMENTS, WE MUST RESTRICT CASHOUTS NOW." This apparently had escalated further when members found out that they were unable to cashout.

Members try to talk their way into the admin, trying to convince them to allow cashout even if they endure a deduction in payout. Unfortunately, the administration remained firm on their guidelines. They told members that the only way to cashout is to pay an additional $2 via a payment window. (See picture below)

Click on picture to enlarge

For a site running a PTC business, admitting they are low on funds could be disastrous as this could make investors run away, and thus, an eminent downfall would most likely follow. And, for a PTC site to demand "force donation" from members, is not right. After all, Members came to the site to earn, and not to handle the site's expenses.

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