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Friday, August 7, 2009

TheClixWorld.Com: Chinese must verify or else

TheClixWorld's admin has sent an email today, conveying a message about a change in policy regarding Chinese members. It was stated in the email that TheClixWorld has created a new membership for Chinese and China Province Members. This membership was called Chinese Verification. The membership needs to be purchased, and is required if Chinese members want to remain on the site.

This change of policy was instigated by the rampant cheating of some Chinese members. The TheClixWorld's admin claimed that most TheClixWorld members who cheat are Chinese, and they were using bots to automatically click the ads. However, he also said that not all Chinese are cheaters, and because of this, he's offering them a chance to verify.

TheClixWorld's admin has also said that Chinese Verification Membership must be purchased within 15th of August. Failure to do so will result in account deletion.

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