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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This Site is no longer promoted! See Why

Url: www.buxwiz.com

Site Details

Member Offers
· Minimum cashout is just $2 (applies to first cashout only)
· $0.01 per ad you click
· Referral Earnings as follows:
       Standards/Wizards ($0.003)
       Magicians ($0.005)
       Coral/Garnet ($0.006)
       Jade/Ruby ($0.007)
       Royals ($0.008)
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Advertiser Offers
· Advertising starts at just $12!
· Targeted visitors to your shop or website at reasonable prices
· We offer advanced anti-cheating and anti-hacker measures for the advertisers, so that you are guaranteed at least all the ad views that you have paid for.
· We have all the basic requirements that any advertising company MUST provide, but few do, such as pausing ads, distributing clicks amongst different ads and even removing a campaign and replacing it with another.
· You also can set demographic filters on your advertisement and benefit from views targetted exactly to members from the country which you desire.


BuxWiz operates as a PTC (Paid to Click) advertising site, wherein consumers are payed to view advertisers' sites. It offers to pay its members $0.01 for viewing advertisements on the site. It also has a first level referral system offering to pay $0.003 (Standards/Wizards), $0.005 (Magicians), $0.006 (Coral/Garnet), $0.007 (Jade/Ruby), and $0.008 (Royals) per referral ad view.

In this buxsite, members can either get direct referrals (people directly referred), or rent them (referrals from purchases). Rented referrals expire after a period of time, and once they do, they must be repurchased, otherwise, they disappear. Direct referrals, however, never expires.

The site is free to join, however, if members wanted to optimize their earning potential, the site also offers membership upgrades. These upgrades comes in as Magician, Coral, Garnet, Jade, Ruby, and Royal. Among the 6, Royal is the highest status upgrade you can purchase. This upgrade also gives more benefits.

BuxWiz also had its own forum where members can voice out their opinions, boast their success, show their payment proofs, receive information, acquire help, or discuss their issues with an administrator.


The site has been auctioned. The admin didn't even inform the members regarding this plan.

BuxWiz also lied about the hack issue. The admin admitted on Flippa that none of those actually occurred. They just made it as an excuse.

Payment Proofs


Overall earnings from this site


This Site is no longer promoted!

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