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Thursday, August 6, 2009

ValueBux - Scam Alert!

ValueBux was allegedly been sold to a new owner/company, Priscilla's Computer Store LLC. Thus, ValueBux is now under the management of two administrators who identified themselves as Todd and Melissa.

During the transfer of management, no account balances were reset to 0. The problem regarding payouts, however, remained, and this continues to plague the site up until now.

At the very start of alleged new administration, the site admins sent out many mails to members with all kind of sales and promotion. They have also announced special discounts on referral purchases, which is viewed by the many as an attempt to grab people's money.

With payouts still pending, the new admins asked for support from members, asking members to upgrade or purchase some referral packages. They even put up stories such as they were having some issues with their other company partners, a shooting incident on the admin's house that had Todd hospitalized, getting fired from work, and other things that could get members' sympathy.

The admins had also been said to had insulted some members, threatening to remove their account balances, and deleting honest members. And although they ask members to send account information to manually process payout, only a few or none was paid.

ValueBux's forum has now been bombarded with spam by angry members who were asking for their payments. People who can no longer tolerate the delay in payouts had risk their accounts for deletion so to only shout out that the site is a scam. Some members who were arguing with the admin through PM had even made screenshots to reveal the admin's true intentions.

Click on picture to enlarge

Administrator reaction when this personal message was posted publicly on the forum:

Click on picture to enlarge

This is another proof of admin's abuse of power:

Click on picture to enlarge

ValueBux had passed beyond the line, and is now considered a potential scam site. There is no telling if members will ever get a hold of the money they strive to work for.


  1. Why this PTC sites treat us this way? They should learn some manners to handle customers. At last value bux entered the scam site list!

  2. This is a case of bad management. I agree, without customers or members, the site is bound for collapse.

  3. more info about the scumbags



    stay far away!!!!


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