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Saturday, August 15, 2009


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Url: www.paidtoclick.in

Site Details

Member Offers
· FREE Membership, Available worldwide
· Receive & View the Advertising that Interests You!
· Get Paid To Click & View Websites, Paid To Read Ads
· Paid To Read Emails, Paid to Signup, Get paid for everything you do online
· Free Click Exchange, Traffic exchange
· Get Paid to Refer Members & Advertisers
· Daily Contests with cash & credits prizes
· Lifetime bonuses according to personal earnings.
· 50% Referral Earnings, Low $0.01 PayPal Payout
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Advertiser Offers
· Reach your target audience when it really matters!
· Geo Targeted Advertising possible to all countries worldwide
· Low Cost Traffic, incentive and non-incentive advertising solutions
· Many Ways To Advertise, Prices starting at only 1 Dollar
· 24 Hours Unique Hits, Free Live Stats
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PaidtoClick.in is one of the newest aurora site to join the PTC business community. The owner has identified himself as Mahender Kumar, an administrator who is most probably Indian, that is, since the site uses a .in domain (an Indian domain). This site runs a GPT advertising business, offering to pay members to click on ads, read emails, signup, and promote. The site having an improved aurora script has other offers too, including banner ads, featured links, and click exchange.

As a member, you can earn money from the Earnings Area. In this area, there are a few offers to participate - Click Links, Read Ads, Paid to Signup, Click Exchange, Read Emails, Promote Paidtoclick.in, and Upgrade & refer members. Click links is a PTC area where you are paid to click and view ads. Read Ads is similar to PTC, but instead of an instantaneous jump into the advertiser's website, you first have to read a bulletin board. Paid to Signup is where you get paid to signup. In this area, you are expected to signup on a particular site, then you will be ask to verify by usually submitting the welcome email of the site you joined. This is to confirm that you have indeed signed up. Click Exchange is an aurora script feature that allows common members to advertise their site (if they have one) to other members of the site for free. In this area, you can gain click exchange credits. These credits can be use to run your advertising campaign. But, to make use of this credit, you first have to make a click exchange ad by going to the Manage Ads section.

Read Emails is another part of the earnings area where you can opt to receive PTR emails, however, you first have to give the site the permission to send you emails by changing your configuration settings. Another part of the Earnings Area is the PTP, you can get you your referral links here. The site will pay you for every valid hit your link receives. Finally, you can get additional income by upgrading. Upgraded members usually have additional ads to click, and have other more earning advantage compared to ordinary members.

Although Aurora sites such as this one usually offer small earning potential, you can make the best out of this by making use of the click exchange feature. By making use of this feature, you can advertise other aurora PTP links, giving you an additional boost in income. Better yet, it gives you the opportunity to advertise your site, if you have one, for free. To make use of this feature, go to the Manage Ads section. Click on the dropdown menu, and choose click exchange. After that, make a campaign by adding a site. Once done, you have to assign it with credits, which you can obtain from the click exchange offer found on the Earnings area.

Paidtoclick.in is a good site, they offer the masspay option of a minimum $0.01 payout via paypal. You can usually earn the minimum within a day, thus, allowing you to get paid almost everyday. A good feature which you couldn't usually find on other sites.


On Aug. 18, 2009, Site admin announces that all members belonging to the following countries:

-- China
-- Singapore
-- Philippines
-- Malaysia
-- Thailand
-- Korea
-- Indonesia
-- Vietnam
-- Taiwan
-- Hong Kong
-- Hungary

must purchase Premium Membership. Failure to do so will result to deletion of account.

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This Site is no longer promoted!

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