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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Url: www.buxtalk.com

Site Details

Member Offers
· Earn $0.0025 per post
· Earn $0.10 and above from Contests
· Contests are held everyday


Buxtalk is a discussion forum open for any money-related topics. The site is administered by at least 4 administrators, and headed by S Imran Ali, who is also known as Alirex (Admin on Buxtalk). The forum is similar to most PTC forums, only that it pays you to post. With exception to spam posts, the site offers to pay $0.0025 per post.

In addition to the Pay per post feature, the forum also held daily contests wherein you can earn $0.10 and above. You can participate on these contests just as long you meet the prerequisites, although most of these contests are open for everybody.

The forum is packing with information from both clickers and well-informed individuals. For starters, you can find the Introduction thread where you can introduce yourself. Once you get acquainted with the staff and the other members of the forum, you may participate on the threads in the Chatters Spot. This is where you can chit-chat with other members and share your comments on some of the stuff outside the money-making arena. However, if you are a person looking for money making opportunities, you may head for the Earning Section. This is where you can discuss online money earning opportunities, learn about new earning sites, get some tips and tricks, get some information regarding paying and non-paying sites, or even share your success stories. And if you're looking for referrals (downlines), you can go to the Trade Section where you can join in a Downline Builder, join or make offers in the Offers thread, or exchange referrals with other members. There are also other topics here, including Traffic and Link Exchanges, and Domain purchasing/selling.

Additionally, Bloggers and website owners may also show their sites to other members using the Showcase thread. The forum also provides some pretty cool information regarding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and other web-related stuff you can seldom find anywhere else.

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