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Monday, August 31, 2009

TheClickers and the occasional malware attack

On a news we published on August 21 (see TheClickers.net - Watch out for viruses!), we warned people to be cautious when visiting TheClickers' PTC Website. This is due to the fact that the site has been found having viruses on it. Now, we also mentioned that the source of the virus is not the site itself, but possibly from one of its ads or banners. Well, we have identified the source, and it's really coming from one of its ads, or rather, from a certain iframe. Our sources claim that it could either be from BlueAdvertise or CreditBurner. Apparently, these two advertising sites has codes that promote 0-iframe or iframes that appear like a tiny dot. These iframes act like a window to other sites. The bad thing about this window is that it sometimes show an attack site, and these attack sites can send their script via the iframe. The malicious scripts that come from these attack sites can instruct your computer to download malwares. These bad programs can corrupt your computer's functions, and can sometimes spy on your personal or private information.

TheClickers's admin (alkinoos) had already been informed about these attacks, however, he strongly denies the allegation. He pointed out that the site TheClickers is clean. Perhaps, but we cannot deny the fact when we ourselves also got infected, on one occasion we were visiting the site.

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