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Sunday, September 6, 2009


This post will serve as a list of known money-related forums. These forums contain information about money making sites, some business news, and other money-related stuff.

Description: This forum is focused primarily on the PTC industry, but is also open for other money-related matters and businesses. Offers referral builders, site promotion, special deals, and user site/blog showcasing.

Earn Money Space
Description: This forum is focused on the PTC business. However, other money-related discussions are also welcome. It has a referral builder, site promotion, special deals, and user site/blog showcasing features.

Gold Age
Description: This forum has a broad coverage on money-related matters. They have restricted access however. You need to become premium to access some of their sections.

Global Friends Online
Description: This forum is focused on any topic related to GPT. They also host some GPT site support boards.

Money Maker Group
Description: This forum is open to all money-related discussions. It has a broader content since it focuses on all aspects of online business and opportunities. Upgraded members have access to additional forum privileges and features.

Description: This forum focuses on every aspect of online money making and businesses. It is one of the largest and most dynamic money-related forums.

Description: This is one of the old forums that is primarily focused on PTC. It also offers Referral Building, Site Promotion, and User Site/Blog Promotion.

Please suggest a site for inclusion or exclusion.

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