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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Platine-Bux change in TOS

Platine-Bux, one of the new PTC sites to surface, had changed their TOS two days ago. The change covered section 10 and 11, where it states that members belonging to the countries China, Hongkong, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, India, Turkey, and Egypt are required to be premium members in order to stay on Platine-Bux, and request money. They also stated that members from these locations who do not purchased upgrade will have their account suspended from the database 7 days after registration. They say that the changes was for security reasons. The new TOS also now requires members to post their payment proofs in the forum, otherwise members will not be eligible for another payment. They warned that all payout requests without last payment proof posted in the forum will be canceled, and 50% of the requested amount will be transferred to the purchase balance.

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