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Friday, September 11, 2009

LibertyReserveMails.com - Professional looking Scam Site

Url: www.libertyreservemails.com

libertyreserveemailsThis site looks professional in design, and if not for the bogus offers, you could mistake it for a legit site. Liberty Reserve Mails is a scam site registered to someone named Adam Likken. Note that while the owner does not hide his identity, this still doesn't prove that site is not a fraud.

The site was registered on 2009-06-10, and as you can see, it's a new site. But, despite the fact that it's new and offering unusual offers, it's a surprise that it immediately manage to grab a high mark in Alexa.

It's possible that someone is already promoting this site, and as far as we know, they could already be floating in Traffic Exchange sites by now.

The site offers to pay members $500 for signing-up, what's more strange is that they didn't provide any information of what type of business they were running. However, we can assume that they are running a PTR, that is since they have the word "mails" attached to their site's name. Regardless, they have no information on how much you could earn from the mails you read, or the ads you view.

Like any other scam sites, LibertyReserveMails also try to conceal their hidden motives by hiding behind propaganda. In this site's case, they try to earn the members' trust by falsely claiming to be partners with Citibank, IBM, and Secure.

We advice everyone not to buy upgrade nor even join this site. This is a positive scam site.


  1. jestem zła jak to scam ale myślę że nie scam

  2. Azt szeretném kérdezni, Hogy AZ ilyen csalókat tartózkodás mellett lehet valahogy letiltani
    A hirdetésekről, MERT EZ a pofátlanság
    teteje Amit csinálnak!!

  3. this is fraud site libertyreservemails.com i work for them they dnt give me any moneyplz bean him.

  4. I agree, I have clicked and clicked, got to my 1st $30,000.00 payout amount, requested payout back in January or February, still have not received anything and it is now the end of June 2010.
    I continued to click since I did not know, plus wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt...now have a balance of over $58,000.00, have sent multiple email requests to them, including some to change my email address and no response. When I reply to their support@libertyreservemails.com site, I get an immediate reponse back that that mailbox is full.
    It sounded too good to be true, I guess I should have known it really was...


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