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Sunday, September 6, 2009

BuxWiz is on auction

The GeN3 scripted PTC Site, BuxWiz, is currently auctioned at flippa.com with a current bid of $12k.

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Going back a few days ago, this site had changed it's referral earning offers; BuxWiz's admin says that it's essential in order for the site to stay alive. This was followed by the news that site was hacked. However, unbeknown to members, the site was actually auctioned since September 3. BuxWiz kept it a secret, and never informed its members. Obviously, they fear that members would panic once they knew about the site plans.

Back in Flippa.com, one person ask something in relation to BuxWiz's hack issues. BuxWiz admin admitted that there was no hacking that took place. He said that "Ownership change would create a confusion, so that was just an excuse. That's not true."


  1. I can't believe this is happening.

    Well, at least I manage to cash out before they disable the cashout option.

  2. damn another good site that is becoming scam little by little
    thanks for the info anyway

  3. PTC sucks! Most of them end up scam sites in the end. Just like HYIP.


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