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Thursday, September 3, 2009

PalmBux's Paypal Account Frozen

The PTC Site, PalmBux has been having some problems with Paypal lately. Yesterday, it was announced on PalmBux forum that PalmBux's account on the said payment processor has been frozen, and because of this, PalmBux has disabled cashouts via Paypal. The moderators of PalmBux's forum told us that Paypal's reason as to why PalmBux's account was frozen was because it contains too much money, however, PalmBux has a business type account, and it is a wonder as to why they still got suspended.

PalmBux also told us that the payment processor Alertpay is still working, and will be used in the meantime, however, when we try to cashout today, even this had been disabled as well. PalmBux promises to settle their problem with Paypal and hopes to settle it as quickly as possible. Perhaps, but we wonder why Alertpay cashouts had been having some problems as well.

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