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Thursday, September 10, 2009

ScopeBux for sale

The PTC site ScopeBux has joined the Web Flipping frenzy, and is currently sold for a price of $1,200. The bidding is still open, and depending on the bid, the price may increase as more and more buyers become interested. Below is the screenshot of the site on Flippa.com.

Click on image to elarge

ScopeBux had been one of the PTC sites that undergone a rise, then suffered a fall. This is evident by the decrease in the number of ads on the said site, where it has gone down to 2 ads per day. It appears that the site hasn't had much revenue as of this late, and must now resort to selling just to compensate for the loses. Unfortunately, members of ScopeBux had their pending payouts as well, and they wonder if they could ever get paid.

Now, ScopeBux has removed their forum, preventing users to submit feedbacks. It appears that ScopeBux had expected negative feedbacks already, and doesn't want the news to spread further.

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