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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Evernity.com joins the Scam List

Url: www.evernity.com

This is a bit late with regards to this site's inclusion in the scam site's list, but since the site is still online, we have to at least warn those who aren't yet aware of the site, and its apparent bad record.

Evernity.com is a PTC site that is categorized under Bux sites. This site had cease paying for about a month already. It was reported that when members tried to cashout, they find an error message instead. Forum posting had also been blocked by the administrator, the most probable reason to this is that they are trying to hide facts from the public so they could scam some more.

There had been many negative feedback against this site, most of these can be found on PTC Forums. It was even rumored that this site has ties with a scammer, who had scammed people in the past. While we cannot confirm this rumor, the site admin's actions seem to be the proof of it.

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