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Saturday, September 19, 2009

SignupSale.com - Guaranteed International Signups plus virus!

Url: www.signupsale.com

SignupSale.com is an unprofessionally-designed site that sells signups, or referrals for that matter. However, they do not disclose any information regarding their methods, making this site seem suspicious. As far as we can tell, they could either be using black hat method to achieve such goals, or perhaps, the site was only meant to scam.

So far, we haven't receive any complaints against this site, but we have detected a virus (trojan) hosted on the site. The virus had been disguised as a .gif (Graphic Interchange Format Image) and it will attempt to attack your computer.

This site has already been branded by Norton as a potentially dangerous site. According to Norton, the site has "Trojan.Giframe". A specially crafted GIF images that may contain HTML tags that redirect users to malicious Web sites.

This site has not only provided questionable materials on it, but had also hidden malicious codes in it. This site is a no go!

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