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Saturday, September 5, 2009

1800banners.com - Payments Withheld

This site was once a paying, and although it has operated for 7 years in the banner exchange business, this does not guarantee that the site will be here forever.

For why this site has been included on the suspected sites list is because of the following reasons.


1. No longer pays its members/affiliates.

2. 1800banners.com admin announced that all revenue share payment for paid-to-click, force-click, and non-english sites will be withheld until the numbers are audited for individual accounts. He also says that there will be no time frame on how long this process might take.

This pretty much sounds like they were having financial problems. An indication that site is in the brink of collapse.

3. Poor customer service.

1800banners staff had been unresponsive lately.

For the above reasons, this site will be included here until they fix their organization's problems.

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