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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SupportingFriends Scam

Url: www.supportingfriends.com

SupportingFriends is another domain name for MyHPF (My Homepages Friends), which is a British Paid to Search scam site.

They offer to pay their members to use the Yahoo Search Engine, but couldn't honor it. Note that SupportingFriends and MyHPF shares the same database, so if you're a member of MyHPF, that means you are also a member of this scam site. Some people believe that this scam gathers your browsing habits so they could sell the information to interested companies. Others say that they are using a Pyramid model. There are also complaints against MyHPF of non-payments, non-credits, and termination of accounts without good reason. And as you can see, any complaints directed to MYHPF is also a complaint against this site, that is since they share only one company and only one database. So, if MyHPF is a scam.. the same goes with this one.

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