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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Make Money from broken Xbox 360

Make Money from broken Xbox 360 game console, this idea did not hit me until I saw Darren B.'s post on his blog (dazbuk2000.blogspot.com). What can I say? The man is a genius! Who would have thought that you can actually make money from broken Xboxes?

Here's the idea..

When the three red rings of death is lit, it indicates a hardware or power supply problem (see Microsoft Support). Microsoft Support provides ways how to fix it, but they wouldn't tell you more other than simple troubleshooting. Therefore, you may usually have to send your system back to them for repair. The typical cost for a repair can be as much as $140, and you may have to pay extra for shipping and handling. Also - they do not always guarantee a fix!

Well, this sort of problem can actually be solve even without spending as much as $140. All you have to do is, fix it yourself. But, of course, the question is.. how?

How to Fix it yourself?

You can actually fix your Xbox 360 even without technical expertise. But, you must at least have an idea of what to do, otherwise, you'll end up screwing your Xbox forever.

There are actually eBooks sold in ClickBank that teaches you how to fix the machine yourself. Here is one example: Xbox 360 Repair Guide

You can purchase these ebooks at a low price (somewhere around $30). All you have to do is follow the steps contained in the guide, and you should be able to fix your Xbox 360 with less worries. But, of course, you should only do this when your Xbox is no longer covered by warranty.

Make Money from busted Xbox 360s

Now that you have fixed your Xbox, it's time to use the guide to make up for the expense, and perhaps, earn even more.

To do this, head for eBay and find some broken 360s in the local ads, or you can search everywhere. Just make sure that the product is not totally whacked. Buy these products, fixed it using the guide, and resell it at a good price.

And, if that doesn't beat all, you may also use the to guide to fix other people's 360s for a small fee. Now you should make even more money. Pretty good idea, hunh?


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