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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Got Paid by PalmBux!

It was reported that PalmBux's Paypal Account was frozen (see Article), but the said PTC site had also vowed to settle their problems with Paypal.

At first, we were discouraged to see another good PTC site having some money-related issues, most especially when we tried to cashout via Alertpay and found that it was disabled. We tried to cashout for the second using the same payment processor, and although we manage to submit a request, the payout was still held. This gave us a reason to believe that PalmBux main balance was on Paypal, and they don't have enough money on Alertpay.

However, today, we tried cashing out again, and we can now find the Paypal cashout button, enabled. We cashed out and we got paid instantly! Here is our payment proof:

We can presume that PalmBux had indeed settled their problem with Paypal.


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  3. I'm a fan of palmbux but honestly their click rates have become a bit horrible. They are starting to pay .001 per click which is pretty terrible.


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